The Sound of Your Voice

Talking to your college bound youngsters about underage drinking can be tricky, but it's well worth it.
SAMHSA asked us to create a spot that would encourage parents to have that talk.


Client: SAMHSA Underage Drinking
Agency: ICF International
Creative Director: Melanie Dorn Carter

Story Concept: Melanie Dorn Carter, Alisa Weinstein
Alisa Weinstein
Art Director/Designer/Illustrator:
Sam Bass
Rafael Macho
Character Designer: Jerry Lui

Animation Director: Melanie Dorn Carter
Animation Lead: Chance Qin
Animation: Sam Bass
Sound Design: Brad Tehaan


style frames





"The Talk"

The "Sound of Your Voice" spot was so well received that SAMHSA wanted to create :15 billboard ads for Times Square.


Proof of Performance